Saturday, April 23, 2016. 1 PM How Is Your Heart Performance, Beebe Estate, Melrose, MA


I will be playing two pieces  by local composers John McDonald of Tufts University and Andrew Trovato of the Longy School of Music. Their pieces were composed for this event and based on the How Is Your Heart theme. See below for their descriptions of their pieces. I will also perform a longer traditional piece in the Kinko style called The Space Between the Waves (Namima Reibo).

John McDonald writes this about his work:
Sketch Kept Close (solo shakuhachi version), Op. 563c (2016)
Commissioned by Elizabeth Reian Bennett for The Beebe Estate’s Exhibition “How Is Your Heart,” April 2016
Kept Close as in:
the sketchbook in the inside pocket of my jacket, near the heart; a small secret kept “close to the chest;” on the train, a valued bit of music kept safely with your luggage and personal items…
This little soliloquy speaks to the “How Is Your Heart? ” exhibition theme in that its spontaneous creation (while sitting at a table in South Station after missing a train and waiting for the next) helped my heart do pretty well, relaxing with the human warmth
of creating music scratched in a pocket music notebook during an unintended interval of reflection…
Sketch Kept Close is dedicated to Elizabeth Reian Bennett, celebrating her years of heartfelt devotion to performing new music for her instrument

Andrew Trovato writes this about his piece: My heart undergoes constant change; moments of tranquility flow into turmoil and torment, and fulminate into bursts of expression.

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