Saturday, September 12, 2015. 10AM-5PM. Second Annual Haiku Gathering at Wild Graces, Deerfield, NH

Wild Graces Haiku Festival

Wild Graces Haiku Festival Photo: Robin White

My spot was under an apple tree, in the dappled shade. As I played, I listened to the wind, the insects, a bird-cry; now and then the thud of an  apple.

I was playing to poets, whose work is noticing, listening, creating. Here are the poems that were written on the spot, or later on, in remembrance.

Would take/an unknown bird to answer/shakuhachi flute

The Buddha ALSO/inhales/shakuhachi flute

Both by vincent tripi.

Notes levitate & soar/above the air the clouds/& tranquil minds

By Pamela Babusci

From Pat Davis: I loved your performances at Robin White’s Haiku Gathering on September 12 — I was transfixed!  Your music inspired me to begin writing haiku again.  I haven’t written since 1976.  Here’s one I wrote when I got home:

Breath and spirit/the flute infused/joins the air


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